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We install a garbage disposal in almost every home we plumb and the majority of those are Insinkerator’s Badger 5.  This has been the tried and true entry level garbage disposal for many years.  In the past, we have not really pushed upselling to a better model.  Depending on what you need though, we may want to rethink that.  The Badger 5 is noisy and it only carries a two-year warranty.  On the other end of the spectrum is the PRO1100XL that has three grind stages, is ultra-quiet, and will grind pretty much anything you throw at it including bone and fibrous foods.  It also carries a 12-year warranty but is close to four times the cost of the Badger 5.  We have several options in the PRO series (750, 880LT, and 1000LP) that will fill in the gaps between the Badger and the PRO1100XL if you are concerned with performance and warranty of their garbage disposal.  If you are interested in a demonstration, the Insinkerator rep and/or we would be more than happy to meet with you to go over the different options.


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